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What makes us different?

We offer specialty, contingency insurance plans, surety bonds, annuities and much more...

What makes us different?

We offer specialty, contingency insurance plans, surety bonds, annuities and much more...

Risk Insurance - Failure to Survive


This type of insurance coverage is commonly used for venture capital deals, movie productions, talent managers and business agents where an individual has a contractual financial interest in a third party. In order to keep the policy confidential and uncomplicated there is no need for a medical examination and the application process is quick and concise.  Underwriters: Lloyd’s.

Physicians and Surgeons Insurance


 A Physician's Peace of Mind Physicians, surgeons, and other working medical professionals studied and worked very hard for many years to reach the high level of skill required to practice; as such, they are typically high income earners that are accustomed to a high standard of living. 

Legal Professions Insurance


 Attorneys, Judges and other legal professionals often have incomes that exceed the limits of the traditional insurance markets. This plan provides primary, supplemental, special risk, domestic, or international coverage for many common issues. 

Professional Athlete Disability Insurance


 Whether participating in a team sport or an individual sport, Professional Athletes’ careers expose themselves to countless possible injuries, and illnesses. A minor disability may become career-ending for a professional athlete. With the risk so high, most insurers will not underwrite disability insurance plans for athletes.  

 Each sport commands unique contract features including guaranteed income to a player. Some contracts are fully guaranteed while others allow the team to waive the contract as they see fit. A variety of flexible solutions are available to protect a professional athlete’s.  

...plus more Specialty Insurance Plans, including Pilot Disability Insurance


We offer specialty insurance plans and contingency insurance plans for a variety of unique situations that "normal" insurance doesn't cover. Specialty insurance policies and contingency insurance policies can be hard to find for many difficult or unique circumstances that may require a deeper look in underwriting due to the higher levels of risk for a particular event, contract, business defense, or item in need of insurance protection. If you don't see a specialty insurance product or a contingency insurance product that meets your needs below, don't give up, contact us and let us know what you need covered and we can assist. 

Medicare Plans & Eligibility


Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older, or those under 65 who may qualify because of a disability or another special situation. Medicare helps millions of American seniors and disabled individuals cover some of their health care costs. 

Resolve Your IRS & State Tax Debt.

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